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Community Landscaping Team members

About Us

It's simple. We know you care about your lawn. We also know that a lawn is hard to care for. It takes time and the right tools and expertise to make a lawn look its best. Hiring a dependable lawn care company that cares as much about your lawn as much as you do is hard, too - the ever-changing and questionable quote, the no-show, the sloppy work - headache after headache. That’s why we’re here. We’re different. Better.

Based in Atlanta Georgia, Community Landscaping, was founded to bring professional-grade lawn care services to the greater Atlanta community. After running a commercial landscaping business for many years and becoming frustrated by the difficulty of hiring the same level of professional service for their homes, the Community Landscaping founders teamed up with some Atlanta-based investors and community leaders to make it happen. In 2018, Community Landscaping partnered with a group of proven operators and brought on a new professional management team to bring a new level of remarkable service to its neighbors.

Our Services

Each visit from our Crew includes three simple but important services: Mowing, Trimming and Edging, and Blowing and Detailing. Three basic but critical elements to keep your lawn looking so fresh and clean.

Turf varieties require different cut treatments for different times of year. We have the tools and expertise to ensure that your turf is maintained at the appropriate height during each season.

We’ll maintain clean lines on hardscapes and soft edges in your landscaped areas for a well-manicured look.

To pull it all together, yard debris and clippings are cleared from your landscaped areas leaving you to enjoy your day.

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